Haute cuisine in a small format

We propose unconventional food couplings, based on the classic cuisine principles. There are specific rules we need to respect to create an harmonious and pleasant dish.

Unconventional drinks

It is interesting to find out that a Martini mixed with a good blackberry liquor couples perfectly with a fish dish, like a barely steamed mackerel. You can trust us.

A unique wine selection

We pick our wines from good and passionate winemakers, with a specific personality. The wine speaks to us, with its identity and its history, every time we pour it in a glass.

We play with tasty ingredients, the same that make our clients think
“this is what I would have in my grandmother’s house”, but we give it something more,
the twist of the unexpected. This is what we’re aiming to.


Broken glasses each year at Rebelot

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    if it is for an aperitivo, for dinner or after-dinner.