Every dish is served in a “tasting portion” and its ingredients are combined in such a way to create a pleasant, unusual, surprising result. All elements of taste (salty, sweet, acid and bitter) must be detectable and balance each other harmoniously.

Besides what we can say here, it is easier to come and try our work :
we’re hosts, not philosophers. We propose two different menus :

Menu assaggi

Small plates menu

Salad of the day …… 9,00 euro

Fresh Vegetables and Salad from the Market

Barley and Spelt go to the beach …… 10,00 euro

Mussels, baby Squids, Tomato sauce, Parsley

Fish of the day in Spring…… 13,00 euro

Wild fish,  fresh from the market, in daily recipe

Fish & Chips …… 12,00 euro

Fried Codfish, Potatoes, Horseradish Mayonnaise

Salted Codfish …… 12,00 euro

Mashed Salted Codfish, Jerusalem Artichokes

“QuintoQuarto”…… 10,00 euro

Farm Beef Offal, Fresh Raw Sausage, Beans

The Cockerel…… 10,00 euro

‘Nduja (hot Salami) sauce, Marinated Zucchini

Cinta Senese…… 11,00 euro

Tuscan Black Pork, Broad Beans guacamole, Cheese & Pepper sauce


* Sirloin “alla Beppe” (150 gr.) …… 18,00 euro

Farm Beef, Green Pepper Butter, Olive Sauce, Vegetables

Lamb Chop …… 16,00 euro

 Spicy Ketchup, Cocoa

 Please allow 15 minutes for preparation

The Cutting Boards and the Desserts

• Cheese selection from Lombardy and Piedmont …… 15,00 euro

6 tastings: fresh, matured and blue from cow, goat and sheep milk

• Cold Cuts from Emilia Romagna …… 15,00 euro

5/6 tastings of traditional Cured Meats

• Dessert of the Day …… 9,00 euro

3 different Desserts available in the Menu

Menu gastronomico

Gastronomic menu

The menu, to be ordered by the whole table,  is created daily by our Chef Matteo Monti, on the basis of the products available fresh on the market.

You can choose the number of the courses, for a creative journey in our Mediterranean flavours and beyond.

• 4 courses gastronomic menu …… 42,00 euro

• 5 courses gastronomic menu …… 48,00 euro

We will be happy to describe extensively the daily creations, and the reasoning behind them. We can also propose the best pairing for the drinks.

Alternatively, you can sit at our kitchen bar, in open view, observe how we work, which dishes come out from our kitchen and talk to the chefs. No secrets, only commitment, creativity and desire to do our best.

A la Carte menu

The A la Carte Menu is made by Small Plates (half portion) and Plates (regular portion). All made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. The Menu features fish, meat and vegetarian dishes, which draft a journey of the senses, ideal for the pre-dinner, dinner or after dinner.

You can choose “a la carte” the number of courses, or leave the choice to the chef, which would result to an advantageous price.

Leave it to the Chef

Do you trust the Chef? Let him choose for you!

• 3 small plates …… 25,00 euro

• 5 small plates …… 38,00 euro

• 7 small plates …… 50,00 euro

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More than 250 dishes offered last year at the Pont Rebelot: here are some.